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As God Intended

by Apollo Brown & Che' Noir

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HGButte i like it verry much !
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Wesley Che Noir and Apollo Brown link up from across the Great Lakes and it’s a fantastic pairing. The glamour and grit of making it in the streets of Buffalo and Detroit immediately shine through this one. Favorite track: Money Orientated.
Faheem Lea
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Faheem Lea What rhyming with a passion and with a purpose sounds like. This album is a glaring testimony as to why Hip-Hop music will always be around, because of artists like Che' Noir, a master of the craft. Favorite track: Worth Gold.
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mrjlorenzo To Be Able To Hold It Down With Thought You Know You Are The Shit Favorite track: Hustle Don't Give (feat. Black Thought).
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qifran Real hip hop right here. Real lyrics, really nice flow and stellar productions.

Fav tracks: Freedom, Hustle Don't Give, 12 Hours, '94, Follow the Wisdom
Blood is thicker Verse 1 They call me the ghetto, the hood the jects the trenches the slums I created fatherless homes with menace and thugs My Stray bullets that took life from kids while they young A white mans world So I never get visits from trump Street corners with liquor stores drugs and 3 cops That’s Where Niggas Getting wet up Call that my g spot Cus triggers is my clit I Bust when Gats is spraying With they Trigger fingers cus that’s how I get masturbated I may be the reason that ya Seed deceased I birthed Kings and queens Gangstas Feins and thieves Most of my Buildings either vacant or drug spots You dream to make it out but then you Wake up to gun shots I know you considered me ya home ya family for life But i betrayed you left you scarred and Damaged for life I took ya childhood from you, and murdered ya friends If blood thicker then water you better learn how to swim Verse 2 I’m from dangerous hood we Pray to God it left us mortified Start the day at 8 a clock they take a tour and drive Young niggas take a glock and point it toward ya eye Wet it up Make ya block turn to a Water ride Get a job or hit the block get you from poor to rich Witness momma gettin high she like to Snort or sniff Big brother in the streets He flippin Quarter bricks Lil sis inside the club she Makin Porno flicks Hard to witness this shit Fathers missin and shit Close ya eyes when I speak it’s like watchin a flick when I spit To make it out is a journey take a while to embrace But it’s a celebration once you Make it out of this place Then Survivals guilt, hardest pill to swallow Make it out the hood and then you thought yo peers would follow You was like my family now I gotta burn up my bridge Blood thicker then water but that’s why I learned how to swim
"A grain of sand in a king's hand can grow into a castle" - Black Thought Verse [Verse 1: Ché Noir] Raisin' Hell but the shit that I'm rhymin' was Heaven-sent Went broke and bounced back, I been grindin' out ever since Wise and intelligent, I could rob a village while it sleep Even if I was blind with a elephant Crime was like medicine, I watched niggas face a dub with a racist judge And still gave 'em time with no evidence Gotta admit that lifestyle is what fed the kids Sorry for them missed calls and kites that I never sent Too much on my plate, you might choke if you try it Bit off more than I can chew so now my goal is to diet Resort to my aggression, I had to grow up in violence Money talks, could turn your life into a moment of silence I control and decide it, keep your focus on grindin' A long road to redemption that I drove with no license It's a jungle that's controlled by the sirens But the hunter gon' be the hero until the story's told by the lion To influence, dozens grew from strugglin', all we knew was hustlin' Fiends missin' teeth, always lookin' like they chewin' somethin' I been stressed out lately, I got a bad temp' with people And the bad mood just turn into a happy trigger finger I took risks to get paid, my name shifted this game Be the head and not the tail, momma stitched in my brain But do it twice, it's better, 'cause you got the skin of a slave [Chorus: Ché Noir] Down to my last, it's hard to smile, even laugh But it's, it's hard to give up 'Cause we came up from the struggle, baby, all we know is hustle That's why, it's hard to give up I spent years in the dream, sweat and tears in the dream But it's, it's hard to give up So I gotta try climbin' 'cause I'd rather die tryin' 'Cause it's, it's hard to give up
Money orientated (Verse 1) Paper chase the money But never pray for money Only pray for wisdom Cus nobody can take that from me You can always tell the niggas who ain’t use to makin money Cus them niggas annoyin when they finally start makin money Y’all takin pictures of stacks that’s what you want me to see? I Could count yo stack through this pic that ain’t no money to me To make a 100 legally that was my first big plan I quit my job that next week I made my First 10 bands A crew of niggas who use triggers just to stop the bullshit You gone need God to save ya life cus the doctors couldn’t That tough shit don’t mean nothin when they cock and pull it Toughest nigga in the world still couldn’t box a bullet I got family that’s behind walls and they caged down Went in a Christian now it’s allah when they pray now That’s when I learned that jail and death is where this money don’t matter Can’t buy my way into heaven when he judgin me after (Verse 2) You said In God we trust but I seen Gods people sell they soul for you Good girls turn into strippers on poles for you You a poor mans dream but they Tie you to evil That’s what Christ told disciples in the Bible they teach you He tried to give Advice to his people Compared a rich man to a camel Through the Eye of a needle You only live once but if you live it right it’s a sequel I feel trapped but this money make my life feel like freedom You put all the clothes on my back with designer labels 5 star meals sittin on my plate you helped me buy the table You feel like heaven on earth It’s hard to leave you but I got too cus my father gone expect me in church Granny said you Can’t grow money on Trees from the earth But if you could then that explains why eve bit it first That’s when I learned that jail and death is where money don’t matter I Can’t buy my way into heaven when he come for the rapture
12 Hours 04:23
12 hours (Verse 1) Call up my girls I’m tryna get cute let’s go and paint the town Let’s meet up at my place around 12 still gotta take a shower Its gone take a hour to do my hair and to do make up Imma find a outfit to wear by the time I Hang up Click Oh shit We need a bottle we can Sip of course I text her like on ya way here Swing by the liquor store I need about 3 ciroc shooters, know what Get us four Just ring the doorbell Soon as you hit the Porch I Text my man I’m going out come and meet us with ya guys Message open countin dots I seen 3 and he replied Damn I really wish that I could but I gotta work late But take some extra cash out the safe to put in ya purse bae Okay I’m texting back I hope I see you later Sent. Now I’m in the shower singin Ballads of Anita Baker Hour later dressed lookin fine as a bitch Knock at the door my girl Lisa like it’s time to get lit (Verse 2) Models and Gs Weed smoke Bottles and drinks Couple niggas from the town tryna Holla at me But I’m taken but I still made him Buy me a drink Lisa tapped me like I gotta go pee Watch my purse for a minute I sip my drink By the bar as I waited Purse in my lap felt her phone vibrating pulled it out but my intentions was on turnin it off But that’s until I seen the number that called This my nigga number lit up on her phone What? I mean I gave him her number but that’s only if I ain’t pickin up my phone I checked my phone but I don’t see no missed calls, I looked shocked in the face Tryna figure out why he callin so late I read his text “keep this a secret do not say a word” “Come by tomorrow but we gotta do it while she at work” Oh shit she walkin back I threw her phone in her purse If they creepin then somebody gone be bleedin with no soul in a hearse Fuck (Verse 3) Left the club she dropped me off at like 3 in the morn Walkin in circles still shocked I can’t believe what I saw Called in to work like imma need the day off soon as I hung up I raced Right to my room to grab his gun out the safe I gotta angel on my shoulder sayin Ché you ain’t no killer But the other shoulder tellin me to take out that nigga Matter fact just kill em both to calm my nerves I took some shots of the henny Looked in the mirror seen the monsta that’s in me Fuck it The sun is up I’m in the car speedin To Lisa house I took a left then took a right to catch this broad schemin Creeped on the side then I Kicked in the house Wavin the gun I seen both of them Sittin on the couch I read the text that you sent her nigga thought you was slick Lisa I called you my friend fuck that I Called you my sis He raised his hand “bae it’s not what you think” I asked Lisa to come with me just so she can help buy you a ring I found the ring and I was tryna get ya best friend advice Baby I’m tryna spend the rest of my life With you I must’ve been squeezin too tight I heard a shot, Body dropped to the ground and he bleedin Lisa panicked ran up Out of there screamin Dropped to my knees like I ain’t mean to kill em Now I’m searchin his body for evidence To confirm if she was Sleepin with em Damn I don’t Think he was lyin To my surprise I found a ring in his pocket
Hold it down Verse 1 Ché noir Buffalo queen with a lions heart Was taught either grind or starve Come from a city where niggas poor and no crime get solved My team treat me Like the boss Weight of the world on my shoulders it made me sore But success was the tiger balm Claim what’s yours and weather the storm inside the fog We was born poor couldn’t afford to drive a car I was like four inside the church singin Choir songs Now I sell out tours from upstate to the China wall Get drunk to mask the pain before I reached a legal age Auntie paid her rent from hittin licks off a Bingo games Homie took a bullet to the head he was DOA Never thought my destiny or purpose would Be on stage Teacher for the youth This generation is Controlled by computers No proper guidance for the kids so my Goal was to school em Cus What’s the point of giving guns if they don’t know how to shoot em And what’s the point of giving jewels if they don’t know how to use em Hook Free my niggas locked imma hold it down Single mothers on they grind tryna get a dream All my niggas treat me like the boss Cus they if something happen to my niggas imma hold it down R.i.p my niggas on the other side Love is blind till you look into a Mother eyes Trust is the meaning of a boss So they if something happen to my niggas Imma you hold it down
Daddy's Girl 03:29
Daddy’s girl Verse 1 The older I get the more I find it harder to date Cus I deal with men and make em suffer from my fathers mistakes It’s hard to explain The pain that it caused at my age Knowing yo pops ain’t comin home and watch yo momma go slave For minimum wage Back when I was still playin barbies Wheels on the concrete lil sis was Still in a car seat In the hood east side I was still watching Barney Raisin kids by ya self payin Bills get exhausting Peep game started as a single momma as a teen That's my mother Fast forward with four that daughters that she feed Im runnin wild a black girl lost up in these sheets tried her best but it's some things only a father suppose to teach Where was you at when niggas broke my heart thats when I need advice Instead I look for love thinking that would be suffice To the pain of not having my father teach me right He broke my heart that was way before I learned to read and write Hook Daddy’s girl x7 Verse 2 black complexion Bad and reckless in my adolescence Cus I was young the first time I seen my Dad arrested That type of shit had Momma Mad and stressin Cus it’s hard to the tell the truth when you hear yo seed Askin questions Like where my daddy at? Why he never home with us It’s times I waited on my pops, I knew he wasn’t showin up Too young to comprehend it at that time but now I’m old enough To understand the damage from his absent presence growin up As a kid I was Callin to talk to you You waited till I was grown now it’s awkward to talk to you You blamed it on ya bids and ya time inside I wrote you letters, first time I learned to fly a kite A quiet kid With a Tyson fist You was facing life and bids I was wearing Diapers then Back when granny took us all to church teaching christ and sin Truth be told you’ll never make up for all that time you missed Life’s a bitch
Worth Gold 03:24
Worth gold Verse 1 Since a innocent teen My environments Freddy Kruger tryna live out my dreams It’s a horror scene It’s hard Tryna get us to sleep But with short sleeves they couldn’t see the tricks up my sleeves I had a list of goals I’m tryna figure which plan’ll work Depends on ya thirst You go to school strip scam or work What’s a flood to a fish What’s a gun to a fist I keep a blade that I use just to cut the tongue of a snitch We take life for granted it take pain sometimes to cherish that We trade the hood for neighborhoods where the whites stare at blacks Come from searching in trap houses to find ya parents at Enough coke lines on the table to write a paragraph Never talk to snakes that’s what I learned from my idols But I learned from my rivals to earn work for title They tell us sky is the limit Stay on earth for survival But that’s why I’m moonwalking cus I learned that from Michael Hook Peep the writings that I wrote Worth diamonds and the gold that’s right From a city full of thieves turn pennies into Gs that’s right Verse 2 I was a innocent teen Knew the difference between Expensive and cheap Paid my dues but I wish it was free They gave me crumbs I made a meal so my niggas can eat Never settle for gettin fed make a position to feed Let’s light a match And see how long would the fire last When they expose ya skeletons to the room like a science class From where these niggas either shoot dope or they high off crack And feins arms lookin like nascar tire tracks I plan on dying rich when I was born We was broke To take a bath we used the sink water to poor in a bowl And heat it in the microwave or you can warm on a stove But ain’t no heat so gotta wash up before the water get cold This fame shit I wasn’t impressed I fell in love with the checks And that feeling you get right before you cummin from sex Always pray to God before you rush to a bed Cus I hate family reunions and sleep the cousin of death
The Apple Verse 1 Ché noir As I talk to this crowd This for my sisters on they grind that wear they bonnets as crowns Light, chocolate or brown A boss so they bow Dress like it’s red carpets around But still comfortable bare face Just Lip gloss on her mouth It’s Battles to fight You was never the flashiest type Being a girl that’s independent and black is a price But what’s a queen without a king you the Apple of his eye But that same Apple caused a hassle after Adam took a bite You cried 100 times Because of life And Cut ya ties with niggas Stay on the grind it comes a time The Sun a rise my sista But you don’t love yourself and I Wonder why my sista you can’t see what I see Guess that’s why Love is blind my nigga Real beauty is flaws Beauty is god Beauty’s when you wanna give up but you chose to be strong Beauty is a queen with self love and confident with her natural hair short or long but still wearing weave knowing she don’t have to wear it Chorus I could turn a penny to a dollar Turn a Couch to a bed And Fix the crown on my head Cus I’m the realest I can keep it natural made a crown From the Hair in my comb turn a Chair to a throne Cus I’m the realest X2
Freedom 03:26
Freedom Verse 1 the art of war it’s a meaning behind the message You don’t need a gun or sword If you treat ya mind as the weapon Our colors is hidden is secrets teachers hide in they lessons Our History books was full of people with white complexions reach the height ya destined Nigga we define the essence took my rap money built a team from my investments Get my family out the hood the only reason why I’m stressin Small city but niggas carry heat the size of precious I speak on shit you other rap niggas nervous to say The purchase I paid More then most niggas Earn at my age My Purpose was made From my birth Was determined for great The land of the free unless you black or you served in the cage For my niggas behind a wall tryna Learn up a trade You get free and they make it hard just to Earn up a wage You either Return to the cage or get murdered in graves That’s the power how Racist Judges can turn us slaves Verse 2 Compared to the wise Could win a war with just my ears and my eyes The greatest victories come to those who prepared when its time Inspired by moments seeing mommy with tears in her eyes Smokin cigarettes while she playin out Mary j blige Racist cops shoot at our kings they even got a noose if you free One shot could turn ya blood to a pool when you bleed Poison our minds even poison the food that we eat Choke us out in broad day till we can’t move or can’t breath I’m the female mansa musa to niggas Generational wealth What I Plan to do for my niggas Im the palm reader look how I Hand a future to niggas Shit was music to my ears so I hand a flute to my niggas all praises due to the highess as God protect me I give you Food for thought but my diet was Dr sebi Kings killin kings won’t get to be led live to be violent Whats worse then being physically dead is mentally dyin
Follow the wisdom Verse 1 I’m top 5 you can hear the proof when I spit a jewel C’mon Yall can’t Compare to what these niggas do sellin drugs the things a parent do just to get us food Now our house so big gotta parachute to the living room The money good but it can be a problem But I’m Quick to put it on yo head bitch I’m hands free with drama We grew up with daddy issues cus we can’t see our fathers And they waited to late to tell us bout plan bs and condoms No respect For a nigga that do dirt with his mans And when he get caught he fold and he tell what he learned on a stand Stood in the fire so long I ended up burnin my hands The fire was struggle wrote a verse now my words like a fan Now I’m On double XL covers Niggas and bitches from colleges to the jails love us Nerdy chick from the hood that’s doin Adele numbers It’s hard to get the respect less ya skin is a pale color Life wasn’t Prepared for us Verse 2 Before I start my day I gotta talk to God My brother had the streets and arms reach but still got a job Pain of these streets it ain’t worth seeing yo daughters cryin I was that daughter so you’ll never hear me glorify it on my high horse so I made me a chariot My family slaved by the cops but what’s a slave when you Harriet I never knew we was trapped pain made me aware of it Cus wisdom don’t come from age it come from pain and experience All that shit you was handed I had to grind to have momma from the streets so she had to hide her past Momma always told me never follow in my steps but I still followed with a magnifying glass Her and my step dad eloped ain’t get married in a church He ain’t my real pops but he was there for me since birth When he was sober he would teach me and prepare me for the worst Cause wisdom the type of wealth you can’t carry in a purse
Winter 03:03
Winter Verse 1 Sometimes I feel like you never gone change You love these streets more then me you so selfish and vain I held you down all these years through the stress and the pain But length don’t matter if the strength never measures the same The price of love and my heart was the debt that I paid Cus Sometimes I think with my heart instead of my brain A dangerous drug you said between my legs where you feel safe Ain’t no pillow talkin you make yo own bed where you lay We only drunk when we text Or when you want me for sex You hate protection unless you wearin ya gun and ya vest Lay in this bed I still don’t know where I’m standin with you I wanna know but my self esteem can’t handle the truth I Should’ve been done with yo ass it’s a lot of fish in the sea But yo sex just brings out the contradiction in me Now sittin lookin stupid waitin for ya call I guess I’ll settle for some of your attention instead of none at all Verse 2 Lotus child I told him to hold it down My Partner in crime I just hope you don’t blow the trail I know you heard about all the Rumors that float around Bout my Sex drive, too much traffic Could slow ya down Don’t judge me off what you heard I told you it’s in control question me like you ain’t gotta bitch that’s sittin at home Question me like everytime that I call you pick up the phone Nigga please Cried tears as I rip ya pictures and clothes Now All my exes say it’s hard to forget me And they still ain’t found my replacement so all em resent me Type of nigga that like to wait till he No longer With me To do the shit he should’ve did when he was still involved with me That’s cus niggas wanna be Handed somethin they suppose to earn But a fuck nigga hate a women that knows her worth That’s why I’m done waitin for ya call Cus If I gotta settle for some of your attention I don’t want none at all
Live by the code Verse 1 I was still workin a 9-5 times when I was attracted to thugs and the flyest guys Back when my occupation was being his ride or die But now we autistic cus now it’s hard to see eye to eye I’m on a different type of time ain’t ready to be his house wife or bride was around 5 or 9 Found my purpose took my whole life to find But I had no intentions to fill they shoes I’ll rather go find my size Never understood when rappers get a nice hand of stacks Then they spend it all on clothes nice fancy bags Quis told me save some money you can buy land with that But if you go broke don’t try to blame the white man for that They use our face as a token to show blacks get support We play dumb But we know what it’s actually for But in order to beat the system you gone Have to conform Be the wolf in sheep clothes, spook who sat by the door Right (Hook) Live by the code Drive by the foes Hide by a chrome Get Advice from the pros Imma do it Until God say it’s Time to go Took a pen turned my thoughts to a pot of gold X2 Verse 2 Tote Cus I had too Turn the Stones that they Throw to a statue Words that I spit came from the heart that I wrotes like a Tattoo Reminiscin on them days we was Broke it was past due We had no heat I Wore a coat just to go to the bathroom Floatin right past you 10 toes when I pass thru I use to tell jokes in my classroom To cope with a bad mood My ex told me stay alert cus Po po gone harass you they pull you in for questions keep ya mouth closed when they ask you Bitch I made it out Standin tall With my right Hand to God The neighborhood block drug dealers was our Santa Claus Freedom is a privilege you only get when you train ya thoughts wisdom is the key to unlock the cuffs when they chain ya arms you only get what you give Food for thought never spoils if it’s been in the fridge Niggas talk about money they use to get as a kid but that type of shit don’t matter if you can’t get it again Facts
'94 03:33
‘94 Verse 1 April 19th doctor say it’s a girl In 94 illmatic dropped the same day I came in this world My mother said “the world is yours” she was givin me game It’s only right I take a trip down Memory lane In 94 that’s when biggie dropped ready to die The first time I heard gimme the loot I kept pressin rewind I grew up hearin Tupac so many tears That’s when I fell in love with rap and said I’m supposed to be there Jay had reasonable doubt 1, 2 and Vol 3 Foxy was my favorite but Lauryn style Inspired me Classics and no rapper will get to replace it They blame it on the kids and say we too miseducated Pun Kim X and mob deep type of shit I loved Bumpin Wu Before I was old enough to hit a club respect to the rappers I didn’t grow up on Came out before I was born or I was probably too young to know they songs Verse 2 G unit was my generation pac and biggie I remember niggas wantin to get shot cus 50 Back when we had to burn mixtapes or go to the store Back when Arcadia was lit a place you go when you bored I Wrote my first 16 to a tribe called quest beat Made my first beat inspired by a Kanye west beat I remember watchin big tigger in the basement I use to fantasize about me Spittin with the greatest At my shows word for word how they sang each song Use music as my medicine to erase these scars I get paid for these bars Now I reminisce Back when Pork and beans and hot dogs was our filet mignon Heat a honey bun for breakfast momma playin whats the 411 We was still livin on Broadway the poor young slums In the future when they talk about the greats They gone mention Ché noir in them Top 5 debates


Buffalo & Detroit are America’s broken dream. They are once thriving cities, now known for frigid temperatures and violent crime. The cities were birthed in a different era, forged in fire, built of cold steel. It follows that the rawest Hiphop in recent memory has bled from these two regions. No two artists exemplify this hard truth more than legendary Detroit producer Apollo Brown and Buffalo’s maverick emcee Che’ Noir. The two artists came together to create a sound as natural as calm after the storm.

The soulful, head-nodding production of Apollo Brown has been a staple called on by some of the greatest to ever do it. From Ghostface Killah to Danny Brown, and from Freddie Gibbs to Chance the Rapper, Apollo Brown’s signature style has become an iconic staple of the culture.
Meanwhile, Che’ Noir has stepped onto the scene as smoothly as any double dutch veteran. Having already worked alongside Benny The Butcher, Kool G Rap, and Fred The Godson, she has emerged as one of the most extraordinary New York talents heard in years.

The pair’s new album, “As God Intended”, drifts up and down city streets and offers a glimpse behind closed doors, telling the stories of gunshots, missing fathers, & playing the system.

The new album from Apollo Brown & Che’ Noir features Skyzoo, Blakk Soul, Planet Asia, Ty Farris, and Black Thought. Coming July 10th on Mello Music Group, it is exactly “As God Intended.”


released July 10, 2020

(2, 9) Co-Produced by Motif Alumni
(6) Co-Produced by MSimp
Cover Art by Texture Supreme
Graphic Design by Austin Hart

Executive Produced by Michael Tolle
Mello Music Group 2020
Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth


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Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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