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Brown Study

by Apollo Brown & Boog Brown

Marinate 01:17
Master Plan 03:46
Just Be 03:11
Carpe Diem 03:40
Carpe Deim Look at me now at 5’9” lil chubby round the waistline, still fine Neva woulda pictured I’d be spittin scriptured glimpses of images in my mind. Or givin you visual observations of my time. Like livin through pivitol situations and still shining. In line with the one so I could never be two, the way I move its never optional to lose so I pick and choose the pathways knowing that the past days cant be changed. Take it wit a salt grain, maintain beyond the garbage never harbor ill will when its time to build. Seek the real and represent yaself accordingly cause ordinarily nigga will hate- when your take on life is slightly different they might be wishin to be you. Gotta be able to see thru the wicked neva taint ya vision. Keep ya mission true thru the nonsense cause God bless the child that’s got his own know ya role and play it. (hook) Life is what u make it nigga, ima make it no matter what it takes my nigga im gone take it. (Repeat) the smiles and the daggers im among em neva slumberin on enemies vicious wit envy playin like family. Friends wait for you to win till they begin to show they, true colors doin onto others like they mothers never taught em bout integrity- baffles me still. To this day we cant escape the mentality to battle the mirror than comprehend the bigger picture. We automatically figure, everybody out to get us. If we could just focus on the finer things the minor things cease to exist. Im no expert but shit, when im groveling at the bottom all my problems seem major. But when I change up the mental, everything align simple. Divine signals of the God in me the rhymes the beat, my release to situations when they seem greater than the solution you keep it movin. Cause sun don’t shine forever, let them rainclouds come around… (hook) aint tryna preach to you, just wanna hit u with the rules and regulations of defying limitations. Patients is virtuous, when the dust clears the tears wash the surface greet the new with a purpose. The worst is behind you, refined so u shine like the summer sky- and hindsight is 20/20 so u got plenty reasons to evolve like the season. Freedom is a mindstate waiting to be believed in (hook)
Shine (free) 02:59
Blink 04:05
UPS 02:57


Atlanta Flavor Over Detroit Drums - Brown Study is a Complex Mix of Poetry & Pride. Brown Study is a rare vintage of Hiphop that chronicles Atlanta emcee Boog Brown's walk through life. Behind the boards is Detroit producer Apollo Brown (The Reset) crafting head nodding beats reminiscent of Pete Rock in his prime. Boog drops universal jewels throughout her heavily textured rap poetry. Brown Study is the soundtrack for anyone living the beautiful struggle.


released September 24, 2010

produced by Apollo Brown


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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