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A Couple Dollars (feat. Joell Ortiz)

from The Easy Truth by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo



Skyzoo says, "For me, this record is a personal favorite of mine because of what it represents as far as my perspective. Coming up, I saw certain things in my neighborhood, which led to certain aspirations, which led to motivation of all sorts. This record is about how those things come about, and how they started in the first place, dating back 400+ years ago, as pointed out in the second verse. This song stands as another testament to who, what, when, where and why as far as how it is in my neighborhood".

Joell Ortiz says, "Always feels good to tell the story of my past and how it was growing up in my projects in Brooklyn. Reminds me where I came from. You need that reminder every now and then to keep you focused and sharp."


Verse 1:
In love with a mattress that was somewhat outta place, where due to old habits it can double as a Chase, talking major key, let it cut you out a case, and Tryna run the city til it run you outta state, told us all of this is straight, and it's worth what you wait on, staring at the exit like "yo I Tryna stay long", kitchen table decorator situate a plate on, Jeśus heavy is the head the crown lay on, but all of this straight, running outta state is what you play for and stay for, to turn to what you leave for, get your 16 on, like talking mic check, throw the beat on, or talking bout a key but being 20 OZ short, 16 ain't enough, Andre features, as quick as you can be on, you'll be gone, waiting on a detour, couple U-turns to where you belong, at best you can get your sight see on

Just need a couple dollars,
A couple dollars baby,
Bet you I can plug 'em
Til the wallet dropping babies,
Just need a couple dollars,
A couple dollars baby,
Told if I can get 'em,
All of them will save me,
Saved in a drop top BM,
Right side, DM,
All praise due up,
Tell him when I see him,
Started with a couple dollars baby,
Was told if I can get 'em,
All of them will save me
It's off a couple dollars

Verse 2:
And it sounds like beautiful like the truth, like "she bad but even more beautiful in the coupe", and seeing that was seeing all that I would need to pursue, the e-class that was used to corner me off the stoop, was as clean as the book that your hand on, when you prayed that we stayed away from them anthems, fuck is left for us except for us to go stand on, a box with a rope and a bottle of Spade, carpe diem, carpe diem, make it pop it for the day, I threw money to jeweler, sneaker box full of change, know me, I'm no better I'm about it the same, 'cause on a box with a rope is how we got in this frame, now flick it up, one time for 'em, one time for 'em, know it's lit if they in here with the 9 on 'em, one time for em, one time for em, and the parades lining up along the side for 'em, couple dollars


from The Easy Truth, released September 30, 2016
produced by Apollo Brown
vocals by Skyzoo & Joell Ortiz


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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