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Choir Practice

from Everything In Between by Ugly Heroes



Red Pill:
This is for all the heroes, people been living Ugly
Welcome the second coming, not a human can judge me
It's a new age for UH, it's too late for you fakes
To pile on the toothpaste and smile with your two-face
A wild fucking goose chase
But you can catch me out in Leipzig eating schmaltz on a Tuesday
The crew got it, it's too toxic, it's bubonic
Already gave you a classic, nothing to prove, stop it
You lose, time to move to a new topic
We see you dudes watching like how could those dudes top it?
Truth is - I don't fuck with comparisons
I don't need the attention and I don't fuck with your arrogance
Only got one imperative
That's living my life and sharing it
Not trying to do it how the rest did it, motherfuck the next critic
People love it cuz they connect with it - Ugly!

Hook (VK):
They say they keep it movin..
We say they slow us down ..
They say they got it locked...
We say in whose town?
I never seen em' reppin,
Fronting when there rappin'
Made up artists with makeup artists there's nothin happenin'

Verbal Kent:
1 - this isn't choir practice: this is laps around the
track: this is rap, better than who you admire practice-
2- I got that new flow with chops from the golden era:
I swear I'm bringin'
crack back Like chiropractors-
3 -battle rapper tactics: With an emotional
IQ brutal n Beautiful..Serena's tennis racket-
4 what bracket you wanna put me in now you basic bitch-
-my craft el leave a witch jealous swift penmanship
5 This, member dismember your membership: jam January to December head to Michigan, buildin' with my
6 Fam in this kitchen don't front it's a non contest-
-rappers pack knives and go not top chefs-
7 -conquest mode codin' all my concepts I'm kinda
pissed... but I stay focused and count chips with
8 confidence: and I stay close to my outfit cause
I'm convinced...that no one's spits like the ugliest what


from Everything In Between, released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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