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Jason Rhoden
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Jason Rhoden this track is amazing,, i love the entire production.


Verbal Kent
My life was
Never complicated as I made it out to be in fact the
answers were always right in front of my face it seems that every
Little thing that bothered me was truly little- I made em'
big deals..handled like a true beginner..that's not to
say I didn't problem solve, I'm just sayin' I wasted
time I wish I had back to spend with those I loved is all..
I mean to focus on only the bads counter productive
-I was a writer, business man father and husband
a true Chicagoan..I feel proud saying this, I
saw Michael Jordan play at Chicago stadium
greatest rapper Rogers Park ever saw, got into my
share of trouble but I always knew to call Saul made my
friends laugh: gave em' my all: you know Dan, as far as
Enemies? Shit I can count em' on one hand it's been a
good run: no regrets..Everything is everything
anticipation builds feel like everything was meant to be


1- When it's too late..and all the what ifs are
no more than
butterfly effects..

2- did i choose fate? Let me look back, cause
if not? than what did I expect?

3 ....What did I expect?
what did I fight for, and what did I accept...

4 -did I choose fate? Let me look back, cause
If not? than what did I expect?

Red Pill:
Here lies Chris, died 2-0-1-6
Born 1-9-8-7, many roles he lived
He was a son, he was a lover, was an artist, was a brother
Not always the happiest, an honest motherfucker though
Some people loved him for that
Hip hop had given him hope, it made him want to give back
put everything that he knew in every one of his raps
and he would give you the truth and he would run from his past
Maybe he was too hard on himself
He let his drinking and depression hurt his art and health
he let relationships get rocky while his problems took control
and his girl put up with things that others probably shouldn't know
He lived with guilt, he lived with doubt
He lived with demons in his heart we'll probably never figure out
but at the end of the day
He had too big of a heart, he'll be remembered that way


from Everything In Between, released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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