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Fair Weather

from Everything In Between by Ugly Heroes



Verbal Kent:
What if
1 Walter white had saved Jane?
You haters make me feel the
same thing, let you live? you'd be runnin the same game so
2 I'm a let you choke on your vomit
watch the homicide cops rubbin their chins tryna come up with who done it..far from
3 super man, Verbal is Clark Kent pull off the table
cloth watch as it becomes my cape
On your mark set
4 go: if I had a nickel for every time that I had a
pickle to push up out of
I'd be filthier richer, what if
5 everyone who got doubted got down and out n stayed down and out
for the count, bunch of bodies rollin down the mountain classic is
6 classic a asskickins a ass kickin
you askin for
one if you agitate me I'm unflappable incapaci-
7 tating you ascertaining Intel that pertains to you turn a
fair weather fan to a permanent patron who
8 pays to get in pays to get in good before the goods gone
Cause when I write? My favorite habits proving everyone wrong

Red Pill:
I'm trying to move units like Chevy moves Cruzes
Expose the heartless like Betty Lou Who's Kid
My rap fingers got hair triggers I'm steady with my tool kit
So it's best if you avoid any unnecessary movements
I know there's people betting that he loses
But for every fuckboy 20 fuck heavy with the music
I hear more gossip than hairdressers
And people only go to ball games in fair weather
Before I ever fucked with Mello
I could barely get a fucking what's up or a hello
Now every other day I got people sending their demos
Telling me I touch more chords than Tom Morello
I'm happy that people coming around
Just don't be the type to get up and leave when I'm down and out
Capricorns are loyal to a fault
So I expect the same back whenever loyalties involved
Step by step get my feet off the ground
Till there ain't nothing left and I reach for the crown
It wasn't often I would see you around
You better be there when it all falls down

Hook (VK):
You fair weather fans cross fingers behind backs
jumping on board, where were y'all at
No thanks (no thanks)
I'm good (I'm good)
Do yours (like I said)
I'm good (I'm good)


from Everything In Between, released June 24, 2016
produced by Apollo Brown


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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