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Innocent Ambition

from The Easy Truth by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo



Verse 1:
He told me I can have it all, well not direct, I mean he told me from afar, and as he opened up the doors to 100 thousand awes, it was loud enough to send my inhibitions thru the floor, intuition getting drawn like Kadir was by the wall, and all, I wanted was a shade, a hue of a sort I could sort to replace all the hues of the halls and the walls where I stays, attentive as I should be, but the thought of it shook me, 'cause my diligence puts me, where God overlooked me, so he came up and took me, where no one ever put me, and put a bag of pieces in my hand and it hooked me, and if someone mistook me, for being from his stream, then I'd be overzealous of the jealousy received, and seeing my desires transpire from my dreams, is as sweet the hopes that my mama sung to me, like "fuck I used to dream", but now I'm more sleepless, and I doubled my age by erasing all the dreaming, and my innocence fades into black, Michael Lee shit, but how my transition to the kitchen came seamless, stamps for the fly out, culinary sequence, Sean Combs '94, hands in the remix, prayers to the highest, and send 'em up the most, feeding you your diet, and burying my lows, he said I'd have it all

In my innocent ambition,
Less singing, and more getting
Less dreaming, and more living,
Early mornings, same difference, right?
(Repeat 2x)

Verse 2:
He said I couldn't have a thing, I mean aside from what my mama usually sing, and the song that's being sung is sitting high enough to ring to the ears of who forgot us, he said it should be obvious, his hand was on his 40, his title on his collar, he looked about 40, 27 my scholar, he said why even bother?, I wondered what he means, then looked back at his 40 and proceeded to agree, my agreement was for me to prove him wrong, then I started to hear the harmonies of all the songs he mentioned to me before, and not before long, I was less about proving the already foregone, assuming him as wrong, was more wrong me right?, the cameras turned on, with no room for rewrites, I mean what could I rewrite?, that isn't just hopeful, it's better to leave it and believe he at least knows you, he said look I can show you, threw me on his Impala, the 40 to my fitted, no one around bothered, Like who's supposed to bother?, he said look at these doors, another couple years and none of these shit will be yours, a change gonn' come right?, y'all said it yourselves, so y'all can blame each other for the changes that prevailed, I put away my youth and I heard somebody call, it sounded like a sweeter version of my mama's song and he said I'd have it all


from The Easy Truth, released September 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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