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Money Orientated

from As God Intended by Apollo Brown & Che' Noir



Money orientated

(Verse 1)
Paper chase the money
But never pray for money
Only pray for wisdom
Cus nobody can take that from me

You can always tell the niggas who ain’t use to makin money

Cus them niggas annoyin when they finally start makin money

Y’all takin pictures of stacks that’s what you want me to see?

I Could count yo stack through this pic that ain’t no money to me
To make a 100 legally that was my first big plan
I quit my job that next week I made my First 10 bands

A crew of niggas who use triggers just to stop the bullshit

You gone need God to save ya life cus the doctors couldn’t

That tough shit don’t mean nothin when they cock and pull it

Toughest nigga in the world still couldn’t box a bullet

I got family that’s behind walls and they caged down
Went in a Christian now it’s allah when they pray now

That’s when I learned that jail and death is where this money don’t matter

Can’t buy my way into heaven when he judgin me after

(Verse 2)

You said In God we trust but I seen Gods people sell they soul for you
Good girls turn into strippers on poles for you

You a poor mans dream but they Tie you to evil
That’s what Christ told disciples in the Bible they teach you

He tried to give Advice to his people

Compared a rich man to a camel Through the Eye of a needle

You only live once but if you live it right it’s a sequel

I feel trapped but this money make my life feel like freedom

You put all the clothes on my back with designer labels

5 star meals sittin on my plate you helped me buy the table

You feel like heaven on earth
It’s hard to leave you but I got too cus my father gone expect me in church

Granny said you Can’t grow money on Trees from the earth

But if you could then that explains why eve bit it first

That’s when I learned that jail and death is where money don’t matter

I Can’t buy my way into heaven when he come for the rapture


from As God Intended, released July 10, 2020


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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