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Hook (VK):
I got a feeling that my
truth is my own and I own my truths
I got a feeling that I'm
here for a reason and the reason is you
I got a feeling that the
Past and the present and the future are the same
I got a feeling that I'm
Nothin much more than a student of the game

Verbal Kent:
1 uh, Another day another dollar
Weeks worth of work in my wallet
Life's what's you
2 call it that's why I take shots at these bars, listen
close I'm not talkin bout bein a alcoholic
3 Interpretations everything: business's kids and
wedding rings think we need shrinks stress the cheddar brings
4 What the fuck money el solve
In fact money makes a
ass out of most when big money's involved, when I
5 slow down and think about it? Half the moves that I've made? I wish someone said slow down, and think about it
6 nothin in life lasts, I wish that I could stretch this
moment to infinity and back and fight math
7 sittin' in a diner with the mother of my child thinkin,
how can we make this moment forever now cause at its
8 simplest life's perfect, fuck work and fuck the other earthlings. Fuck what's on the surface. None of this is worth it.

Red Pill:
Life'll get overwhelming, devil on shoulder dwelling
Telling you all the reasons that death could be so compelling
Selling you stress and chaos, never taking a day off
All you doing is working and never seeing a payoff
Wondering where your check at
Knowing W2s are just going to pay your debts back
Well F-that
Getting pulled in every direction and you don't gotta accept that
And I don't mean to complain
But you gotta believe me it isn't easy to feign
Happiness or a smile when all you're feeling is pain
Only way to maintain is with chemicals in your brain
When everyday that you wake
Is just another reminder of smiles that you gotta fake
Try to remember the time we're given is borrowed
Knowing you gotta do it all over again tomorrow


from Everything In Between, released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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