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One In The Same (feat. Patty Crash)

from The Easy Truth by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo



My pops said timing is money ain't it?, I prayed over my watch and promised I wouldn't waste it,
no sir, and it's no blurs, no vision tainted,
nor is the hue on this inf beam, ain't shit adjacent,
I'm in a place where to aim is like Tryna kill a basement,
the same basement I drew up on dreams in a basement, money loud, like the only way we can live is blatant,
until it muffles the crowd and then it get complacent,
bet placing, 3 dice, triplets,
keep mine in trips and I need mine in sixes,
pardon me G-O, I'm a Capricorn with tendencies bordering Leo,
I was told that I would be Birdie but wanted to be Theo,
I was 12 falling asleep to the thought of a kilo,
I was 12 in advanced classes as bored as a free throw, my mother's biggest fear was me coming home with a P.O,
so I never came home with one, never saw the back of a cop car,
but saw the back of a cop soul with his glock drawn,
and saw the souls hop out of the women I hopped on,
and saw Paesos on the V.I. like "Sky Dawg it gotta be you",
you fathered everybody out on the move,
rappers doing alotta ugly tie shopping in June,
I'm on the other side of the table like none of that's important
but still I'm smiling on it cuz it's obviously true,
I'm true enough to admit,
that we grew up the same, we grew, up on a flip,
as if that was God's word,
intriguing how God works, and, how a rod works,
and a bent card works, and how we thought it the same,
and you get caught in the aim, of my side by sides,
birdies on a Hail Mary like, "la da da",
rumor has it Bro is like Von Miller on the line,
you false start and shit'll turn thriller on a dime,
I'm just filling in the time that I promised I wouldn't throw out,
Tryna catch a lick with my ace boon 'fore we close out,
I move around lower than Ace do when I roll out,
Hennessy blood stream, I bleed and it'll flow out,
and due to the circumstance that we was all placed in,
the only way that we'll be complacent is off of payments,
and there go that word again, see how we all waiting?,
the easier the truth the quicker you'll all face it


from The Easy Truth, released September 30, 2016
produced by Apollo Brown


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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