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Verse 1

I ain't gon lie a lot of this is hard to take ...
I'm watching em praise the ok and overlook the great ..
I'm not saying that they ain't straight ...
I'm just saying that... NVM no matter what they gon turn this into some hate ...

So fuck it, left it alone, headphones dead in a zone
Like Rick and Mashonne
I'm feeling better on my own
Took a second for me to except that next time I'm on the road
Won't be no Crook, won't be no Royce, won't be no Joe

I'm just looking at the Hudson River right now sitting on the rocks
Feeling like my reflections life reflection is it not?
Some people board the ferry, other people dock a yacht
But the waves keep movin while the ducks just sit and watch

Sometimes I daydream about me sitting at the top
I see the club going crazy every time my record drop
I see plaques on the wall, glass cases for awards that I done got
Performing for like a million a pop

But truth is.. it's like one in a million to pop
And the only artists that truly touch them millions is pop
Being simple is a yes, being skilled is a not
Having substance is lame, using substance is hot

So here I am, still the hottest nigga in the barber shop
To get a number one but not a number one spot
I'm in a weird place where fans don't expect me on the charts
Guess when u gifted, sometimes u rap yaself into a box


Verse 2

4 Chicken wings fried hard with pork fried rice
Egg roll 2 duck sauces will suffice
Filled my stomach now it's time to get nice
5 cent cups, a juice to chase it, a bag o ice

And whatever we decided we gon sip on that night
Pocket full of work so feens ca come and get right
2 green one red dice call ya point through the weed smoke
Hammer underneath coat ya AB could lead to C ya later when that DE choke just leave broke

Keep minutes on ya cell
A sneaker box to dig in for ya bail
And a team full o hittaz who wouldn't tell
Wanna get it off quicker don't be stingy on the scale

Stuff them sandwich bags overpack them 1212s
You on ya 4th re-up before they 1st flip sells
That's the pre-music Joell, the Joell these check writing executives don't really know well I should win a nobel

From carrying peices to guard my prize possession to
Peace God yea that was Marshall in my session
Now that I think about it, bring another bottle to my section
Let's celebrate that my apartment ain't from section

8 no more ain't no more hungry nights momma we don't wait no more
The 1st don't hold wait no more I tell the waiter wait no more
Gotta watch my figure can't put on weight no more

“Reflection” Hook

The way I put words together
too complex or whatever but...

Still I jot...

Im just speaking from my heart
My bad if it come off smart...

Just tryna jot

Down a couple of lines
And see if y'all like a couple of rhymes

As I Jot..


from Mona Lisa, released October 26, 2018
Written by Apollo Brown & Joell Ortiz
Produced by Apollo Brown
Vocals by Joell Ortiz
Recorded by Tate McBroom @ The Village Caverns
Mixed by Magnetic @ The Disc
Mastered by Eric Morgeson @ Studio A


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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