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This World

from Everything In Between by Ugly Heroes




Red Pill:
I leave rappers more afraid than two racists
surrounded by 22 Ving Rhames' each with .22's and two big razors
Trapped inside of two big cages
with a moat around the outside with sharks that shoot lasers
I feel a war coming, so pass the war drum
and bang on that bitch till you feel your fucking core buzzing
whether it's your cousin, your brother or your husband
If they're not screaming "Fuck the police", then you're suffering
For every fake cop who midnights on his KKK watch
Trust that I pray that they drop
I'm more of a lover than a fighter
But if it's fire that they want then I'm happy to spare a lighter
Confederate Flag wavers in Carolina
I'd be happy to take you to your intelligent designer
I don't care if it's Darren Wilson or Paris Hilton
I'm tearing through all of 'em, not even sparing children

Verbal Kent:
This fucking interview is
Over...pshh, You got somethin' to ask me?
I'll be watchin' Wrestle Mania with Brendan Daseey at the
Avery salvage yard: you wanna rumble? Get your parents..
- and tell em they better be ware of somethin worse than Jared
I'll rip the hair off Donald Trumps scalp, for runnin his fat mouth truthfully?
I'd rather elect Alf.
I go deeper than scuba divers, to bring truth to you
guys its....more than just Isis....and uber drivers
devices to give us divorces and force us to believe in
forces: cry in' over Han Solo corpses. The
rebirth: your means of egress is slim, slimmer than your
neck: choke you out with an ' I can't breath tshirt for
Freddie Gray: Say all lives matter
say it
just once and all bodies and all minds splatter, I'll push over a
push over, your hopeless..nothin' el help, stand
up for yourself? N stand
Up for your self...


from Everything In Between, released June 24, 2016
produced by Apollo Brown
vocals by Red Pill & Verbal Kent


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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