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Today Right Now

from Everything In Between by Ugly Heroes




Red Pill
I don't know what I'm here for, I don't know what the point is
Spent so many nights alone sipping this poison
All of us trying to find it, some of us call it purpose
Don't know if it's divine or can we even define it?
Am I playing a role in somebody else's theater?
Look around at this world and nothings been getting clearer
Only been getting weirder, I just sit in Detroit
Little blip on the radar, maybe there's not a point
Maybe it's all coincidence
Trying to make a little sense, out of something that doesn't
Maybe there's no significance
We're just rational cattle, end of discussion
And as lonely as that can sound
When you look up at the stars on that black background
And you wonder where you came from and why you stay
Maybe there's not a reason and that's okay

Verbal Kent
no matter
what road I travel on
add a little Somethin to the catalogue
I'm livin in stereo n analoge
where we go is
unknown, tryna to get a handle on the cut throat, nature anticipate it with utmost
energy: remember me as give before he took, guy who did the right thing took your hand and then he shook, played it
straight but coulda gone sideways like any rook never
judged the contents by the cover of any book, pay it
forward any possible place and time knowin' every
turn that for most shit don't go just the way it's designed-
I cheated death some say it's a sign- I think the
strength that others gave me is the way I survived, maybe it's
open to interpretation, the moral of a story
touching us at different points of life at different phases all the
places I've been..ive always looked for different help, at taken
in the scenery...a different version of myself


No ones ever promised
tomorrow, I'm a be who I am ?and you are who you
Are.....let's let the past be that, that shit is
over why over react, yeah....
no ones ever promised
Tomorrow, let's do today right now..
Maybe the secret to
Life? Is that you're not the main character, and the fact? that
You're even a factor is a miracle..


from Everything In Between, released June 24, 2016
vocals by Red Pill & Verbal Kent
produced by Apollo Brown
mixed by Magnetic @ The Disc
mastered by Eric Morgeson @ Studio A Detroit
photo by Jeremy Deputat


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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