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Visionary Riches

from The Easy Truth by Apollo Brown & Skyzoo



Verse 1:
I sees you, bet that I sees you, swear I caught the vision when nobody believed you, so I had to see you, I came thru to see you, I just wanna kick it some, shit I won't keep you, all that you want right?, it hit like diesel, it get ahold of you and it refuses to leave you, but then when your palm itch, and you cash all in, that's me on the call in, I told you I sees you, my vision exact, so if you get to react, know the difference in that is they don't get where you at, but see I get where you at, so I wait at the door, so ambition won't pretend to save the day anymore, by any more of any means, let that feeling breathe, you look for your desires, well, I'm where the ceiling be, and I got time to hook you like you're tied off, I'm like pandemic if you got time for it, visionary riches

Visionary riches, visionary riches,
If God is your witness,
Then may God forgive us,
Or may God forgive YOU for being indifferent,
All I did was swing THRU to feed your addiction
And there wasn't a moment there that I didn't listen,
And you talking that dream shit, I gave you position
And whenever you dreaming, I keep up your vision,
And now all that I need is, to be what you envision

Verse 2:
Admit you never felt more alive than riding shotgun on your way to the lot with a lil shoebox love, and pulling off in a coupe of your own, due to your own feeding of your desires all truthfully shown, like never mind dealing with the dealers ever again, word to the box that your white and red 11s was in, you turned the box into a vault and now you're parking by the court, blueprint track 4, with one of those on your right, fast forward the light, you know you low on your sights, but shit the dopest feeling you could ever hold in your life, is that there, and the stares that come along, it turns into a high 'bout as clear as the drummer song, and now you gotta feed it, now you gotta feed it, standing ovation, encore proceeding, fuck what they be talking, just listen to the speakers, never steer you you wrong, just let me do the leading, visionary riches

Verse 3:
And never would I judge you, said that I would stay close but never said I loved you, I mean you love me right?, that's enough for both of us, never said for you to let your trust go and open up, but you never could hear me, you just played the receiver, funny how the greed can y'all turn into the grievers, and I'm a streetcar named desire in the color that you wanted and a serenade humming thru your speakers, in visionary riches


from The Easy Truth, released September 30, 2016


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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