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Verse 1

Sometimes I feel like you never gone change
You love these streets more then me you so selfish and vain
I held you down all these years through the stress and the pain
But length don’t matter if the strength never measures the same

The price of love and my heart was the debt that I paid
Cus Sometimes I think with my heart instead of my brain

A dangerous drug you said between my legs where you feel safe

Ain’t no pillow talkin you make yo own bed where you lay

We only drunk when we text
Or when you want me for sex

You hate protection unless you wearin ya gun and ya vest

Lay in this bed I still don’t know where I’m standin with you

I wanna know but my self esteem can’t handle the truth

I Should’ve been done with yo ass it’s a lot of fish in the sea

But yo sex just brings out the contradiction in me

Now sittin lookin stupid waitin for ya call
I guess I’ll settle for some of your attention instead of none at all

Verse 2

Lotus child
I told him to hold it down
My Partner in crime I just hope you don’t blow the trail
I know you heard about all the Rumors that float around
Bout my Sex drive, too much traffic Could slow ya down

Don’t judge me off what you heard I told you it’s in control
question me like you ain’t gotta bitch that’s sittin at home
Question me like everytime that I call you pick up the phone
Nigga please
Cried tears as I rip ya pictures and clothes

All my exes say it’s hard to forget me
And they still ain’t found my replacement so all em resent me

Type of nigga that like to wait till he No longer With me
To do the shit he should’ve did when he was still involved with me

That’s cus niggas wanna be Handed somethin they suppose to earn
But a fuck nigga hate a women that knows her worth

That’s why I’m done waitin for ya call
Cus If I gotta settle for some of your attention I don’t want none at all


from As God Intended, released July 10, 2020


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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