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Worth gold

Verse 1

Since a innocent teen
My environments Freddy Kruger tryna live out my dreams
It’s a horror scene It’s hard Tryna get us to sleep
But with short sleeves they couldn’t see the tricks up my sleeves

I had a list of goals I’m tryna figure which plan’ll work
Depends on ya thirst
You go to school strip scam or work

What’s a flood to a fish
What’s a gun to a fist

I keep a blade that I use just to cut the tongue of a snitch

We take life for granted it take pain sometimes to cherish that
We trade the hood for neighborhoods where the whites stare at blacks

Come from searching in trap houses to find ya parents at
Enough coke lines on the table to write a paragraph

Never talk to snakes that’s what I learned from my idols
But I learned from my rivals to earn work for title

They tell us sky is the limit Stay on earth for survival
But that’s why I’m moonwalking cus I learned that from Michael


Peep the writings that I wrote
Worth diamonds and the gold that’s right

From a city full of thieves turn pennies into Gs that’s right

Verse 2

I was a innocent teen
Knew the difference between
Expensive and cheap
Paid my dues but I wish it was free

They gave me crumbs I made a meal so my niggas can eat
Never settle for gettin fed make a position to feed

Let’s light a match
And see how long would the fire last
When they expose ya skeletons to the room like a science class

From where these niggas either shoot dope or they high off crack

And feins arms lookin like nascar tire tracks

I plan on dying rich when I was born We was broke
To take a bath we used the sink water to poor in a bowl
And heat it in the microwave or you can warm on a stove
But ain’t no heat so gotta wash up before the water get cold

This fame shit I wasn’t impressed
I fell in love with the checks
And that feeling you get right before you cummin from sex

Always pray to God before you rush to a bed
Cus I hate family reunions and sleep the cousin of death


from As God Intended, released July 10, 2020


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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