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Ugly Heroes

by Ugly Heroes

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An Ugly Hero is considered a myth. Growing up, the heroes we saw in cartoons and movies were perfectly chiseled, intelligent, and had senses none of us possess. An UGLY HERO is the everyday blue collar individual that makes the world go 'round. These are the heroes that work hard all day, everyday to help ensure that the lives around them are taken care of, and do it all without recognition. They wear themselves into the ground and sacrifice vanity for family.

Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, and Red Pill are UGLY HEROES.


released May 21, 2013

produced by Apollo Brown
vocals by Verbal Kent & Red Pill

Recorded by Tate McBroom @ LabCabinRoyalOak
Mixed by Magnetic @ The Disc
Mastered by Eric Morgeson @ Studio A (Detroit)
Executive Produced by Michael Tolle

Press by J. Kim for Synergy Works, LLC
Physical Distribution by FatBeats
Digital Distribution by The Orchard

Special Thanks: Corey Sheridan, Joe Dent, Austin Hart, Jamie Williams, IJ 117.
Rest In Peace: Michael Andrew White & Bernard Bayer.


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Desperate
Red Pill's Lyrics:
While these motherfuckers pop bottles, I'm taking pop bottles
back up to the store so I can get some top ramen
What the fuck they know about that rock bottom?
Everyone I know is feeling downtrodden, everyone I know has thought about robbing
And I'm not talking about a stick up
I'm talking lifting up that drawer before that afternoon pick up
Shattering that tax bracket you sick of
On some get up, get out and get something shit, come on...
The mind wanders when you're poverty stricken
And only hope you're holding onto is a lottery ticket
Bills piling up, don't see you smiling much
Start thinking of some violent stuff
Like why the fuck don't I just get a pint of rum,
a nine and tuck it in between my teeth and say goodbye, I'm done
Economy is down and suicides are up
We'd rather die by a gun than let this world be the death of us

Verse 3
This world'll fuck you and expect you just to smile through it
Waking up is a reminder, thinking why do it?
They wonder why these motherfuckers snap
One minute a family man until he's walking in that plant
and he's thinking, "Where the fucks my overtime?"
Last resorts become solutions to a sober mind
An empty bottle, list of fucking demands
Like "Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand?"

So what the fuck are we supposed to do? What the fuck are we supposed to do?
Don't even have a rope to hold onto, so what the fuck are we supposed to do?
No way out for us to make that move, so what the fuck are supposed to do?
What the fuck are we supposed to do? Tell me, what are we supposed to do?
Track Name: Long Drive Home
Red Pill:
This fucking buzz is wearing off, I'm preparing for the worst
I'm sick of staring at these walls
And I should go to bed, I need to fucking shower
I'm supposed to be at work in just a couple hours
Instead I pour a whiskey sour, thinking this entire planet isn't ours, no matter what they say
We see the shift in power, compare the digits in their bank to yours
and wonder what we should be thankful for?
These student loans? This stupid phone
I rarely ever answer, people wonder what I do at home?
I sit around with Kath and eat and drink a lot, cuz I don't like to think a lot
Cuz when I think I tend to get myself in trouble, my blood pressure doubles
And anxiety is coupled with not so subtle hints that try to tell me
What I'm doing isn't healthy
When people try to help, I just tell them go to hell
Let me worry about myself
I spent a lot of time caught up in my mind
Trying to figure out what's wrong
Trying to find home, I feel it on my own
I never thought it'd take this long
Too much going on, writing these songs
and everybody else moved on
Feeling left behind, trying to find home
I never thought it'd take this long
Track Name: Graves
About the album:
An Ugly Hero is considered a myth. Growing up, the heroes we saw in cartoons and movies were perfectly chiseled, intelligent, and had senses none of us possess. An UGLY HERO is the everyday blue collar individual that makes the world go 'round. These are the heroes that work hard all day, everyday to help ensure that the lives around them are taken care of, and do it all without recognition. They wear themselves into the ground and sacrifice vanity for family.

Apollo Brown, Verbal Kent, and Red Pill are UGLY HEROES.

Red Pill's Lyrics:

"Now I was sitting in my car, chain smoking on my break

Windows open start to notice that I'm hopeless everyday

Between the hard drinking and the smoking

Start thinking about the folks who gotta do this till their graves

You can't afford to walk up off the job

You gotta get your money and your money is your god

So now at least seven days a week, you see my trading in my soul for somebody to keep

Whole parking lot smells like weed

Coworkers selling coke out of their SUVs

When you can't afford to live off the wages that they give

Can't afford to feed your kids, time to do some other shit

These situations got them faced with different combinations

Plus they lock them up in a safe, shit...

We need to find a way out, need a new escape route

We're digging up our graves now


So where you trying to go? Gotta dig them up

You're moving too slow, better pick it up

They break us on down till we're giving up

Put us in the motherfucking ground

They don't give a fuck

And when it's us they ain't giving much

And when it's them they don't get enough

Look them in their face middle finger up

They're trying to put us in our graves
Track Name: Take It Or Leave It
Red Pill:

They say it's hard to be yourself more than anybody else
Nobody knows what you've felt or that pain that you
Been going through on a daily basis
Up and down so the change comes in phases
We're living in a judgmental place
Where some settle being somebody that they fake
All for the sake of saving face, but you lay awake
And wonder who that person is you made
You struggle with the thought of you continuing
Living in that skin that you aren't comfortable living in
And even Chris and Red Pill should be synonyms
But getting in this industry of fake fucks is killing him
Living by that turned cheek and bit tongue
Wasn't how I was raised and it isn't where this kids from
That goes for rap life and real life
They've been doing it forever, about to see just what it feels like
Track Name: Just Relax
Woke up feeling like, who gives a fuck?
My day off, go get a cup
Go grab a bag, go roll it up
Sun is shining, I take a puff
I pass it off and I'm feeling good
Time to get some lunch, I probably should
Hit the mouth wash, then I'm out off
into the world, feel like getting lost
And all I got is dreams, my mind feeling right
So there's nothing in between
The spaces in my memory are nothing but it seems
Today is any other day, a certain shade of green (so it seems)
No need for explanation, I'll take the invitation
To feel like celebrating--for no reason at all
It doesn't happen often, the life that we get caught in
World that we get lost in--means nothing at all

You can't say nothing, got my mind state above it
I don't got the time for dealing with you
I'm ready and I'm trying to do something
Already got a cup and feeling right - I got nothing to do
I'm living my life
And I'm feeling good, feeling great (x4)
Track Name: This Is Life
"That dude Apollo told me black out..."

Verse 1
That dude Apollo told me black out
Got that pressure feeling like it's really building, on the surface chilling
Underneath I'm cracked out
My blood pressure rising knowing what's on the horizon
Like I'm rising, but already feeling tapped out
Like my cash cow is fresh out of milk
And empires taking diligence and effort to build
And nobody pays attention till the messenger's killed
I've been thinking lately I should make my exit and chill
And that perspective is real
Getting caught up in my record and how editors feel
See my competitors and know that I'm ahead in the field
But still, I'm trying to better than Pill
You know my head it gets filled
With politicin' like Obama and a Senator's bill
With thoughts spinning, walk with him, lost in it
Liquor store blues, how's that medicine fell?

Walk with me in this dark city
With this heart skipping, where the people talk shitty
Where it's hard living and now every parts given
And it's party pretty and it's part prison
Where we stay with complaints and decay with the paint
We play with the pain while we're waiting on that new thing
We wait and we want for the day we get on
But this is life motherfucker, what did you think?

Verse 3
There's a lot of days I gotta take a step back
And anyone who's ever been there respects that
Cuz when I get vindictive, I get intricate
and specific as a pin prick is
Most of my bullshit in this, is self inflicted
I know that, I help this sickness
Most of my problems I create
It's hard to swallow what I ate, but scrape the bottom of that plate
So am I following mistakes?
Or do I make them on my own and chalk it all up to my fate?
Cuz everyday it seems I wind up with another issue
Something to get through, more I gotta live through
And I get shocked by it
Still surprised when the noises in my life interrupt and they are not quiet
So is it something to get used to?
Or something that I already knew and just had to move through?
Track Name: Me (Bonus)
Red Pill:
I'm sitting, stressing bout this life I chose
I hope they see it when I'm up behind that microphone
I know they'll look at me and wonder shit they wanna know
I start to question being real, did I just sell my soul?
And all I know is all I know, I've seen my past right
My father feeling lost and my mother read her last rites
Knowing nothing else but how to grab that glass tight
Thinking back on thoughts I was thinking bout just last night
Not sure I'm doing this for good reason
Start to think it's a mistake, how would it look leaving?
Holding back and knowing that I'm better than
Everything I'm doing to myself, learned my lesson and...
When I'm painting that reflection
Can't look back on it later, never leave a fucking question
You make yourself, nobody else
For better or for worse you paint that picture of yourself

Games we play

1 -who's keepin me from the top, me,
Yeah, it's me
2- What keeps me punchin the clock: it's me . yeah it's me
3 -Who runnin circles in place: me
-runnin the wrong way in the race: me
....In the end ill have to face, me: the end ill have to face, me:

Verbal Kent:
hey yo this
1 grinds not new to me: hustle like this day could be my
last, just consider this my eulogy back in school they
2 hoped they'd find a teacher that get trough to me, knew there wasn't
Jack that they could do to me...until they booted me
3 I puff, puff..passed...asked to get my work in,
All I ever turned in were rough,rough, -drafts
4 got in with the wrong crowd,
None of us was on shit, despite,
learned to do some wrong shit
5 and no one told me stop Dan, no one had kahones big
enough to make me stop and, see where I was goin so
6 I owe it to myself, as the only one ashamed, and the
Only one who gave a fuck about who I became and,
7 life has a shape an it's a circle in a square space-
-And it's a race: to fall UP a staircase
8 clear case of optimism: I think I can fly fam,
Anything is mine, and who's to blame if not: I am.

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