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by Apollo Brown

Blue Ruby 02:03
Balance 02:14
Wisdom 00:45
Black Pearls 02:03
Push 02:14
One Chance 02:08
Heirloom 02:16
Just Walk 00:33
Choices 02:11
Imagination 02:17
Tao Te Ching 02:11
Televised revolutions on the net/ Only yet we're witnessing connecting us could pose a threat/ Over through the openness of poverty & hopelessness/ Cover it with shadows of a mob, tipping over stress/ & they've got their torches lit/ Progressive acting vocalist/ Close the lips of those who only wish to keep on holding whips/ Stolen chips are given back, what be that, Sherwood/ Justice wears the face of us, who be that, Thurgood/ Butter flies are flapping wings/ off the banks of river Nile/ Entitled waves amass a scene/ wash away the villains vile/ This is how we disembowel/ The belly of beast/ Another message from the east/ I only hope we hear it loud/ Let the wise men deliver, to the salivating crowd/ Thirsty for the end of hurting, fiending to begin the plow/ Plant the seeds for the pupils raised in the ways of now/ Present for the present state to never let it come around/ & My, my look at the times we're living in/ As blind eyes begin to see the vivid end / As time dies, a new era fit to begin/ Let's celebrate the end, & get to starting over/ Birth of a nation/ Problems that they're facing/ Shadowed by rejoicing tears, cry for liberation/ Indeed congratulations is in order/ I'm from north of the border/ Responsible for the slaughter/ I was on their side/ For them I'll always ride/ Being raised in the states, I learned we're in the same tribe/ Niggas in the eyes of those from outside/ They wanted us to die, it's conquer & divide/ It's all for the oil that rest beneath our soil/ Within our turmoil their nations are going to thrive/ It's too late though/ The murders & the rape/ Have replaced how we relate/ With the kind of hate though/ All according to plan/ Use the color of a man/ Then divide up all his land/ As if it was fate though/ But good luck though to my brothers in the south/ Africa's youngest country hope you show them what you're about/ & My, my look at the times we're living in/ As blind eyes begin to see the vivid end / As time dies, a new era fit to begin/ Let's celebrate the end, & get to starting over/


Clouds is a 26 track project from Detroit producer Apollo Brown (The Reset, Brown Study, Gas Mask). While most have come to know Apollo's production for its smash mouth, head nodding, grime, Clouds reveals another aspect of his production ability. This complex, mello instrumental album is ideal on a winter afternoon, or as a nightcap to the day. Each track is hypnotic and imaginative. Clouds is a 52 minute instrumental ride, a backdrop for reflection.

For some, clouds come to mind when pondering over the definition of being lost in thought. Formed in different sizes, shapes, and colors, set high in the sky or hanging low at arms reach, clouds seem to stir up a type of calm that we all need at times. This album is a collection of instrumentals put together to do just that. Whether to meditate on a certain mood within, or to accompany heavy reflection, Clouds puts forth music to provoke thought.


released February 22, 2011


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Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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