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12 hours

(Verse 1)

Call up my girls I’m tryna get cute let’s go and paint the town
Let’s meet up at my place around 12 still gotta take a shower

Its gone take a hour to do my hair and to do make up

Imma find a outfit to wear by the time I Hang up


Oh shit
We need a bottle we can Sip of course

I text her like on ya way here Swing by the liquor store

I need about 3 ciroc shooters, know what Get us four

Just ring the doorbell Soon as you hit the Porch

I Text my man I’m going out come and meet us with ya guys
Message open countin dots I seen 3 and he replied
Damn I really wish that I could but I gotta work late
But take some extra cash out the safe to put in ya purse bae

I’m texting back I hope I see you later

Sent. Now I’m in the shower singin Ballads of Anita Baker

Hour later dressed lookin fine as a bitch
Knock at the door my girl Lisa like it’s time to get lit

(Verse 2)

Models and Gs
Weed smoke Bottles and drinks
Couple niggas from the town tryna Holla at me
But I’m taken but I still made him Buy me a drink
Lisa tapped me like I gotta go pee

Watch my purse for a minute I sip my drink By the bar as I waited
Purse in my lap felt her phone vibrating

pulled it out but my intentions was on turnin it off
But that’s until I seen the number that called

This my nigga number lit up on her phone
I mean I gave him her number but that’s only if I ain’t pickin up my phone

I checked my phone but I don’t see no missed calls, I looked shocked in the face
Tryna figure out why he callin so late

I read his text “keep this a secret do not say a word”
“Come by tomorrow but we gotta do it while she at work”

Oh shit she walkin back I threw her phone in her purse
If they creepin then somebody gone be bleedin with no soul in a hearse


(Verse 3)

Left the club she dropped me off at like 3 in the morn
Walkin in circles still shocked I can’t believe what I saw
Called in to work like imma need the day off

soon as I hung up I raced
Right to my room to grab his gun out the safe

I gotta angel on my shoulder sayin Ché you ain’t no killer
But the other shoulder tellin me to take out that nigga

Matter fact just kill em both to calm my nerves I took some shots of the henny

Looked in the mirror seen the monsta that’s in me

Fuck it

The sun is up I’m in the car speedin
To Lisa house I took a left then took a right to catch this broad schemin

Creeped on the side then I Kicked in the house
Wavin the gun I seen both of them Sittin on the couch

I read the text that you sent her nigga thought you was slick
Lisa I called you my friend fuck that I Called you my sis

He raised his hand “bae it’s not what you think”
I asked Lisa to come with me just so she can help buy you a ring
I found the ring and I was tryna get ya best friend advice
Baby I’m tryna spend the rest of my life

With you I must’ve been squeezin too tight I heard a shot, Body dropped to the ground and he bleedin

Lisa panicked ran up Out of there screamin

Dropped to my knees like I ain’t mean to kill em

Now I’m searchin his body for evidence To confirm if she was Sleepin with em

Damn I don’t Think he was lyin
To my surprise I found a ring in his pocket


from As God Intended, released July 10, 2020


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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