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Blood Is Thicker

from As God Intended by Apollo Brown & Che' Noir



Blood is thicker

Verse 1

They call me the ghetto, the hood the jects the trenches the slums

I created fatherless homes with menace and thugs
My Stray bullets that took life from kids while they young
A white mans world So I never get visits from trump

Street corners with liquor stores drugs and 3 cops

That’s Where Niggas Getting wet up Call that my g spot

Cus triggers is my clit I Bust when Gats is spraying
With they Trigger fingers cus that’s how I get masturbated

I may be the reason that ya Seed deceased
I birthed Kings and queens
Gangstas Feins and thieves
Most of my Buildings either vacant or drug spots
You dream to make it out but then you Wake up to gun shots

I know you considered me ya home ya family for life
But i betrayed you left you scarred and Damaged for life
I took ya childhood from you, and murdered ya friends
If blood thicker then water you better learn how to swim

Verse 2

I’m from dangerous hood we Pray to God it left us mortified

Start the day at 8 a clock they take a tour and drive

Young niggas take a glock and point it toward ya eye

Wet it up Make ya block turn to a Water ride

Get a job or hit the block get you from poor to rich

Witness momma gettin high she like to Snort or sniff

Big brother in the streets He flippin Quarter bricks

Lil sis inside the club she Makin Porno flicks

Hard to witness this shit

Fathers missin and shit

Close ya eyes when I speak it’s like watchin a flick when I spit

To make it out is a journey take a while to embrace

But it’s a celebration once you Make it out of this place

Then Survivals guilt, hardest pill to swallow

Make it out the hood and then you thought yo peers would follow

You was like my family now I gotta burn up my bridge
Blood thicker then water but that’s why I learned how to swim


from As God Intended, released July 10, 2020


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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