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Can't Win For Losin'

from Everything In Between by Ugly Heroes

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Red Pill:
It's the incredible, anti-surgeon general
Chain smoking drunk who's eating anything that's edible
not a single bartender that could ever keep my beverage full
and never met a dollar in my bank that wasn't spendable
Calling me healthy would be unethical
Cuz I don't even fucking smoke weed if it's labeled medical
That brisk-walking hyper-ventilator
Who wishes every stair case could be an escalator
Self deprecator, doing haters a favor
when I had too many makers, and I can't control behavior
And I get online with strangers and I try to be good natured
But the YouTube commentators turn me back to a teenager
Man fuck it - I guess I'm kind of a mess
Guess it's a miracle that I even got out of bed
I got some issues and lord knows
I been down on my luck please pity this poor soul

Hook (VK):
no matter how hard I work to be the best person?
I can be I'm completely not the best version -
excuses for my imperfect execution
I lose when I win, only win when I'm losin'

Verbal Kent:
It's like
1-sometime I wake up in a daze unraveling..
cereal in the fridge: put the milk in the cabinet
2 Wrong side of the bed, want nothing to do with nobody:
stumble out my room like a zombie from walkin dead n
3 I ain't really slept well, hit snooze
thought about booze immediately not cause I
4 wanted it, only cause I still tasted it woke up early this
mornin, I didn't want to but wastin' it wasn't part of my
5 plan: by the time I hit the shower I was less discouraged
and I started looking less like someone who had just been murdered
6 I looked around for clean clothes but my laundry was dirty
Stomach rumbling I'm not usually hungry this early
7 food in the fridge, it's cold as shit in the
crib, I start thinkin oh shit- rents due it's the 5th
8 late fees on the 6th, he'll kick me out on the 7th, I think I'll smoke on a 8th. I should relax for a second


from Everything In Between, released June 24, 2016


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Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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