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Red Pill:
Lemme give you food for Thought, like a Roots' rider
New saga is here, I'm coming for you truth hiders
Coming for all of you motherfuckers that prove liar
New higher power, new assassin for hire
I'm The Wire meets Breaking Bad, Boardwalk Empire
Man on Fire, the drunk writer, there's none nicer
Ain't a pie on the earth I don't want a slice of
So I Mike Tyson the game till I'm dulling my incisors
Most rappers think they need a deal
I saw it differently, most labels need a Pill
So if you're claiming that you're ill
I will flame you on your own shit, make your label pay the bill
They claim my raps are just a lot of bitching
Talk to me when your sales got a comma in it
Talk to me when you're traveling the globe
and your fans aren't just a bunch of friends and family that you know

So get your motherfucking hands up
And everybody at that bar better stand up
Shoutout to all the people who demand us
We doing it till they can't stand us

Verbal Kent:
Watching the
1 world move at light speeds...Some of us star, and
some sight see durin' the fight scenes, I'm a grab the
2 bull by the horns..nah fuck that I'll take it
steps further and grab on the bull by its arms
3 pull the Ålarms on the walls: not a drill, not a feel it out moment you focus cause now is real
4 not a pill that can be taken that could make this go away, you the captain? Or a stowaway..get to know my name cause
5 I'm a be around n long after? they'll put my flow
away in some
hall of some fame on some plaque
a tough
6 act to follow: I black out and write scriptures make the
devil and his triple 6's back down n grovel on the
7 gravel n hells realm: no ambulance
Is called on:
pray for the long gone the avalanche falls on my
8 life is like a box of chocolates- forest gump el tell my
story at a bus stop to anyone he wants to talk with


from Everything In Between, released June 24, 2016


all rights reserved



Apollo Brown Detroit, Michigan

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